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Pricing Accounting/Tax engagements for new clients can be challenging especially without having complete information about the client's needs.

However, LATS LLC is ethically inclined to provide affordable/fair pricing at all levels of accounting & tax services.

With that in mind we offer a free introduction call and quote of the annual services based on the information derived from the call. In addition, we stand by our commitment to provide expert service at an affordable price.

Please see our pricing structure below for a general guideline of our pricing based on engagement complexity and time to complete projects. Please note that a $50 software filing fee will be added on top the fees listed below per annual individual tax return filing, and $70 per business entity tax filing.

Accounting Service Description & Rate

Individual tax return preparation (Form 1040)- $200/hour, est $250 to $500/year

Business tax return preparation (Corps and LLCs)- $200/hour, est $400 to $1,000/year

Tax planning services- $200/hour

Business consulting services- $200/hour

Quickbooks Online training-$200/hour

Bookkeeping services- $200/hour

Trust and Estate tax return preparation- $200/hour, est $300 to $600/year

Not for profit entity tax return preparation- $200/hour, est $300 to $600/year

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